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Save Time

No more standing in long queues or browsing through the aisles. Grocery shopping online for home delivery allows you the pleasure of shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Choose your own Delivery schedule

You can easily pick the most convenient delivery slot and NRTC delivery team will cater to your schedule.

Complete Support

For your every query, complaint or assistance required, whether big or small, our customer care will be available whenever you need us.


We are proud to deliver high quality fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to your home at a competitive price.

Eat Healthy

Customer Satisfaction being our prime focus, we source and deliver finest and fully enriched natural fruits and vegetables from exclusive farms. .

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An electronic wallet usually called a “Future wallet” or “e-wallet” is an electronic adaptation of an installment card which is approved to lead exchanges for your sake. These wallets are for the most part on a cell phone, for example, a cell phone, however, work areas and PCs can hold an electronic too. Electronic wallets must be connected to explicit charge or Visas to work appropriately. There might be a necessit...

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How beneficial it is to purchase products online

Considering the fundamental focus of everyone today is the hazardous coronavirus otherwise called as (COVID-19), which have been effecting each & everybody since 31 December 2019. People are advised to carefully follow the safety precautions to protect themselves & to stay clean & avoid any physical contact with any individual who appears to have certain symptoms of this infection. People got too scared of going...

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