Physalis (Cape Gooseberries)

AED 6.75

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100% fresh.

Sourced from Colombia.


  • A tasty and helpful fruit. Has a sweet with a pleasing grape-like tang.
  • Apart from their taste, Physalis is a good source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins. Physalis is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps maintain a healthy immune system and encourages wound healing.
  • Other nutrients found in physalis include beta-carotene and vitamin K. Consuming 140 gram of this fruit supplies, 3. 92 mg of Vitamin B3, 1. 4 mg of Iron, 15. 4 mg of Vitamin C, 0. 154 mg of Vitamin B1, 15. 68 g of Carbohydrate, 56 mg of Phosphorus, 50 µg of Vitamin A, 2. 66 g of Protein and 0. 056 mg of Vitamin B2, 0. 98 g of Total Fat and 13 mg of Calcium.
Origin: Colombia
Notes: Approx 100g per pack


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