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Stone Fruits

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100% fresh Benefits: Jujubes are also commonly known as Chinese dates, Korean dates, red dates or tsao. It can be found either oval or round and vary in size from a large grape to a golf ball. Its flavor can range from sweet and sour to caramel apple, depending on variety and ripeness. It is…

100% fresh. Sourced from South Africa. Benefits: Black plum is a summer fruit, associated with many health and medicinal benefits. It has adequate amount of iron and vitamin C. Plums are relatively low in calories, but contain a fair amount of important vitamins and minerals. Stone fruits are low-GI, low-calorie, and rich in nutrients like…

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100% fresh. Sourced from SA. Benefits: Rich in vitamins and minerals, helps to prevent anemia and boost immunity

100% fresh. Sourced from South Africa Benefits: In a 100-gram amount, raw apricots supply 48 Calories and are composed of 11% carbohydrates, 1% protein, less than 1% fat and 86% water (table). Raw apricots are a moderate source of vitamin A and vitamin C (12% of the Daily Value each)

100% fresh. Sourced from South Africa  Benefits: Peaches are fuzzy tasty fruits with valuable source of nutrition that helps your body prevent cancer and protects your heart from diseases. Peach consumption reduces blood sugar levels, protects against certain toxins (like nicotine) and may boost immunity. With a good amount of Vitamin A, peaches are a…



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