Enjoy a Healthy Ramadan with Locally Produced and Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Locally Produced Organic fruits and vegetables online

Searching for organic fruits and vegetables to celebrate World Health Day or the holy month of Ramadan? Not to worry! We’ve launched our brand new range of locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables! Now you can experience ultimate freshness from farm-to-table produce at Iftar and Suhoor while being assured that you’re receiving the most nutritious fruits and vegetables online when you shop with us.

After careful consideration by our health experts, we’ve teamed up with Heaven Organic Farms (an organic farm based in Abu Dhabi) to bring you all sorts of wholesome pleasures.
From juicy Pumpkins and crunchy Carrots to blossoming beetroots and cute cherry tomatoes, our new organic range stocks a variety of hearty produce which provides more than satisfaction during your meals this Ramadan.

Benefits of Consuming Organic fruits and vegetables :

Organic fruits and vegetables online

Our promise to supply the freshest fruits and vegetables stays the same, and by sourcing locally, we’re bringing you even fresher crops that have been harvested at the peak of their glory! Did you know?

In addition to being chemical-free, organic fruits and vegetables boost your immune system and antioxidant intake, reducing your body’s susceptibility to chronic diseases. According to a French research study in 2018,

frequent consumers of organic food experienced 25% fewer cancers than those who never consumed organic foods.

What’s more? Consuming organic produce even helps achieve green initiatives and sustain local livelihoods. When you purchase local organic fruits and vegetables online, you’ll be helping the environment as well as the development of the local agriculture industry since there are fewer transportation costs (food miles) incurred when compared to sourcing international produce.

NRTC Fresh Organic fruits and vegetables online

Our organic suppliers employ sustainable, smart and eco-friendly farming practices to ensure premium quality fruits and vegetables reach your homes. What better way to spread the generous spirit of Ramadan than supporting domestic farms and safeguarding Mother Nature?

Shop fruits and vegetables online with NRTC Fresh and bring joy to your dining tables this Ramadan. As one of the leading suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE, we’re ready to excite your taste buds with the wonderful produce that the UAE has to offer.

To view our full range of organic and locally sourced produce, visit our website or download our mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play.

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