5 Unforgettable Gift ideas this Easter Season

NRTC Fresh Gifting ideas - fresh fruit company in Dubai

Easter – the season of joy, new life and marvelous miracles! Whether you’re visiting loved ones or enjoying a grand feast at home, there’s always space to enrich the festivities with enchanting gift ideas. You’ve handed out Easter eggs, flower bouquets and cute bunnies before, so why not make this time unique?

Our new Gift Corner is loaded with fruity wonders that are sure to leave a lasting impression! All you have to do is select a gift and order through our Mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play. Brimming with an array of eye-catching edible arrangements, our delicious offerings will have you and your loved ones rolling in ecstasy! From juicy platters to festive gift baskets and fruit towers, the NRTC Fresh Gift Corner has a gift for everyone this season!

Here are 5 jaw-dropping fruity presents that will make your Easter celebration extra-special!

Easter Gifting Idea - fresh fruits delivery

Watermelon Photo frame

Price: AED 315

Shop Now: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product/145734/watermelon-photo-frame/

Gift your loved ones a customised Watermelon Photo frame this Easter! Just select your image and we will do the rest! This present is just too good to eat! What’s more? It will make the perfect ornament for adorning homes with the festive spirit!

Gifting Idea - Watermelon Cake - fresh fruits delivery

Tower A3 Watermelon Cake

Price: AED 221

Shop Now: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product/145749/tower-a3/

Planning to gift something both sweet and sumptuous? How about this majestic fruity tower? With layers of succulent melon texture and a garnish of fresh berries, this spectacular structure can feed up to 18 people and radiates the vibrant Easter celebration like no other cake can!

Blossom Fruits Basket Online- Gifting Ideas - fresh fruits delivery

Blossom Fruits Basket

Price: AED 394

Shop Now: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product/145736/blossom-fruits-basket/

Reveal the jubilant mood this Easter with a Blossom Fruits Basket containing flower-shaped fruits! This delectable hamper is packed with a selection of exquisitely prepared Pineapples, Mangos, Kiwis, Grapes, Honeydew Melon, Papayas, Dragon fruit, and Strawberries. With such an immaculate presence, this classy basket is an ideal gift for rejoicing with your relatives!

Fruits Platter - Gifting Ideas - fresh fruits delivery

Bursting Platter

Price: AED 173

Shop Now: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product/145537/bursting-platter/

This picturesque platter is graced with tropical fruits and vitalizing goodness for the Easter dining table! The sparkling combination includes Red Currants, Blueberries, Strawberries, Mangoes, Kiwis, Dragon Fruit, Oranges, Watermelon Balls and Honey Dew Balls. Boasting flamboyant colours and nutrient-rich produce, it is sure to leave its recipients star-struck, and their taste buds bursting with flavour!

Fruits Bouquet - Festive Gifting Idea - fresh fruits delivery

Festive Choice

Price: AED 276

Shop Now: https://www.nrtcfresh.com/product/145747/festive-choice/

Looking for a charming fruit basket with a modern touch? Our Festive Choice Basket includes flower-shaped Pineapples, Kiwis, Strawberries, Mangoes, Grapes, Honeydew, and Rockmelon balls. Styled with elegance and urban appeal, this glamourous gift will give your Easter festivities a fashionable edge.

Searching for more gifting ideas from a fresh fruit company in Dubai or other emirates? Don’t worry. The NRTC Fresh Gift Corner has a splendid range of fruity fantasies in store for you. As one of the UAE’s leading suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables online, we offer the best quality hampers to ensure that your Easter celebration will be remembered forever! To view our full range of fruity gifts, visit our website or download our mobile application.

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