5 reasons why Online Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Deliveries can help prepare your home for Eid

Online Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Deliveries can help prepare your home for Eid

Planning a splendid feast for Eid celebrations and looking to purchase your delicious ingredients online? Don’t worry. NRTC Fresh has got your back!

Sit back and relax while you shop fresh fruits and vegetables online through our website and the user-friendly NRTC Fresh mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play.

With e-commerce and online delivery options growing in popularity, what benefits can it provide you in preparing for festivities like Eid? Here are five advantages of using online delivery for fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE.


Online shopping and delivery are much more convenient than physical shopping.

You can save a lot of time as you won’t have to rummage through stacked fruits and vegetables to find the perfect ones and wait in long queues at the check-out counter.

Additionally, you can order at any time and choose your preferred delivery schedule, leaving you enough time to be more productive at home and plan your glorious Eid feast.

Price Flexibility

Ordering online to your doorstep helps you compare prices much easily without visiting several physical stores as you can easily browse through various online shopping platforms.

What’s more? You probably won’t need to because online shopping generally includes the same price levels as in-store or even cheaper due to the absence of rent and labor costs that would have existed for a physical market.

We even provide bulk buying discounts, enabling you to enjoy premium products at fair prices!

Saves Money

Apart from regular discounts, online shopping and delivery of fruits and vegetables also save money in the long run. You save on fuel costs driving to and fro busy supermarkets, and parking costs too.

with free delivery options provided by NRTC Fresh (on purchase above AED 60), online shopping for fruits and vegetables with NRTC Fresh is guaranteed to provide hearty produce for a magnificent Eid banquet.

More Variety

Looking for exotic fresh fruit delivery like dragon fruit? We got you covered.

Ordering online means that customers can access a vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables that wouldn’t be available in a shop with limited space.

Therefore, you can relish a full selection of international, local and organic fruits and vegetables. Moreover, value-added items can also be purchased, such as the NRTC Fresh pre-packed boxes and fantastic gifting items to make your Eid celebration a memory of a lifetime.

Focused Buying

Buying online helps you purchase precisely what you need and prevent unforeseen impulse purchases. The NRTC Fresh mobile application is user-friendly and designed to provide customers a streamlined approach towards online shopping and delivery.

Therefore, making it a hassle-free and straightforward process to digitally purchase fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables in Dubai and other Emirates any day of the week.

Want to shop for fruits and vegetables online? As one of the UAE’s leading online suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE,

NRTC Fresh stocks an expansive assortment of international, local, and fresh organic produce.

Having been named the largest importer of fresh fruits and vegetables to the UAE by the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, we strive to provide premium quality products and promote healthy consumption consistently. To view our full range of fresh fruits and vegetables, visit our website or download our mobile application.



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