5 reasons why Dates are the perfect fresh fruit to break your fast

Dates to break your fast by fresh fruits and vegetables online

Millions of people across the world practice the tradition of breaking the Ramadan fast by eating dates. The small chewy fruit produced by the famous Date Palm tree is packed with a sweet and blissful flavour engulfed in a rich aroma.

Playing such an integral part in Arab cuisine for countless generations, it’s a wonder to see the fruit’s contribution to the cultural heritage of the UAE, especially during the holy month.

At NRTC Fresh, we always have plenty of fresh and locally-produced dates ready to deliver to homes during Ramadan, but beyond the traditional and symbolic meaning of dates,

what is it that makes this fruit so nutritious and popular while fasting?

Easy to digest

The small size of dates makes them relatively easy to digest than most fruits. It is ideal for snacking, and its size also allows for easy nutritional intake when breaking the fast without overwhelming the stomach.

Sugary Goodness

Dates contain a generous amount of natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose, integral to the brain and nerve functioning. Consequently, this maintains concentration and energy levels throughout the day.

Fortifying Fiber

Its high dietary fiber content helps facilitate our body’s waste process and prevent chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Essential Minerals and Vitamins

Dates contain various other essential minerals and vitamins such as potassium, iron, and vitamin B6, which help maintain the heart, blood circulation, and muscle growth accordingly.

Functional Versatility

Dates are utilized for all kinds of culinary purposes. Its sweet and sticky texture makes it ideal for baking and combining various elements while cooking. It can also be used as a substitute for sugar or honey in beverages.

Dates can even balance out savory dishes well, making it the perfect flavor addition to your After or Suhoor.

Searching for the best dates in the UAE? Whether you’re looking for Kimia, Ajwa, Sagai, Maryam, Khudri, Medjool or various other dates, at NRTC Fresh, we provide an extensive assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables online to make your Iftar and Suhoor worth the wait! To view our full range of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE, visit our website or download our mobile application on the App Store and Google Play.



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