Great Tips to Prevent Your Kids from Tossing that Salad Away

In our last blog post, we introduced some healthy lunchbox food ideas you could easily prepare with ingredients from the NRTC Fresh Back to School Box. However, we also know how kids can shrug at eating salads, and those healthy treats you pack in their lunchbox.

Not to worry! We have put together some great tips to help you fight off those healthy mealtime battles with your kids and get them to have a well-balanced meal during lunch breaks at school.

These ideas might help you take positive steps in improving your kid’s nutrition and encourage smart eating habits.

1. Let them get involved

Allowing your kids to pack their lunchbox is another way to let them get interested in trying new foods. Most kids are more willing to add healthy foods to their plates if they have the autonomy to choose and have a sense of independence in knowing they get to make their lunchbox.

2. Make Changes in Small Steps

Keep things exciting by swapping small bits of your child’s usual lunch favorites with some healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, melon cubes, or apple slices. This way, they could still enjoy plenty of familiar favorites while trying something new at the same time.

3. Let them have the final say

We all know kids love to feel all grown up, especially your older ones. A typical example of this is when you involve your kids in the kitchen. They love it when their opinions matter when they are in the process. So instead of controlling the whole process, offer them choices of what would be the best nutritional value and let them acknowledge this while packing it in their lunchbox. Your little one might be more excited to try a new food or healthy dish if they feel as though it was their idea.

4. Never force it

As we mentioned above, offering your kids options is vital in encouraging a healthy diet. Though getting them to try new foods can be a way of preparing them to be adventurous eaters, it’s unlikely that they will love every food. Foods should always be offered in a variety of forms and with creativity. Never force or push, especially when your kids are picky eaters. Just do what you can to encourage them.