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Where would we be without fruits? and where we can find exotic fruits? They contribute to our delicious recipes, are included in our medicines, and can even act as design inspiration amidst many other uses. With so many fruits grown worldwide, some of them are classified as ‘exotic’ due to their unique looks, strange origins, and remarkable health benefits.

At NRTC Fresh, we provide premium fruits and vegetables online at affordable prices and deliver them straight to your doorstep. With delivery all across the UAE, we make healthy lifestyles possible for everyone and found exotic fruits . Our professional workforce has decades of experience, and we’ve managed to source some rather interesting fruits with many benefits for you to enjoy.

Here are 10 exotic fruits that you can find on our online marketplace :-

Lychee - Exotic fruits online


The Lychee fruit is native to south-eastern China and features a pinkish-red scaly skin, a sweet juicy pulp, and a large seed. Its cultivation has been documented for centuries, and its sugary taste has made it a popular ingredient in many Asian desserts such as jellies and ice creams. In addition to providing lots of Vitamin C, its antioxidant nature can help control liver disease and reduce cancer risk. The Lychee nutrients even help in the formation of red blood cells. fruit can be eaten on its own, but you must be gentle while peeling it and make sure to discard the peel and the seed, as they can be poisonous if consumed. You can even add the white pulp into fresh fruit salads for a sweet kick!
Price: AED 23.50 / Pack

Logan - Exotic Fruits Online


Derived from the Cantonese wording for ‘dragon eye’ and related to the Lychee fruit, Longan is an Asian subtropical fruit that is sweet, juicy, and succulent. It is sometimes also confused for a berry or a nut. The round fruit has a tough shell, and beneath it lies succulent white flesh that surrounds a dark seed. It contains rich amounts of vitamin A, C and essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium. This is highly beneficial to healthy bones, skin and preventing cardiovascular diseases. You can mash the longan flesh and then combine it with sugar syrup, cold water, and mint leaves to enjoy a fantastic drink for a hot summer’s day!
Price: AED 22.00 / Pack

Mangosteen - Exotic Fruits Online


Referred to as the ‘Queen of fruits,’ Mangosteen is a tropical fruit grown around South East Asia and other tropical regions across the world. It consists of seed and sweet, tangy pulp, which is housed inside a reddish-purple rind. Its main nutrient contents are Antioxidants, Calcium, Fiber, iron, and phosphorus, which can boost the immune system, aid weight loss, and support blood sugar control. Mangosteen can be used to make jam, syrups, juices, and ice cream and is sweetest and ready to eat when the rind is dark purple. When the skin is still a bit green, the fruit can be ripened at room temperature.
AED 20.00 / Pack

Passion Fruit - Exotic Fruits Online

Passion Fruit

The name – Passion Fruit – originates from the Latin genus name ‘Passiflora’ and its linkage to describing the Passion of Jesus in Christian history. The fruit is round in shape and composed of an edible pulp centre with many seeds. Its popularity is due to its powerful antioxidants, and high levels of fibre and Vitamin A. These properties can help improve the condition of the skin, vision, and insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and enhancing metabolic health. Passion fruits can be eaten on their own by simply cutting them in half and using a spoon to remove the pulp. Moreover, you can remove the seeds from the pulp by pressing them through a strainer or cheesecloth and then add the juice to yoghurt and other fruit for a vitamin-rich snack.
AED 12.00 / Pack

Granadilla - Exotic Fruits Online


Similar in structure to Passion Fruits, Granadillas are palm-sized pods that contain juicy seeds. Its sweet taste more than makes up for the wet texture of the filling. Granadillas have a multitude of vitamins as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and fibre. This makes it ideal for boosting your immune system, gut health and combating diseases such as anaemia. Granadilla can be consumed in a similar way to Passion fruit. Its pulp (without seeds) can be blended together with condensed milk, sugar, and heavy cream and left to refrigerate overnight to form a wonderful fruity mousse for cosy evenings.
AED 26.00 / Pack

Cactus Pear - Exotic Fruits Online

Cactus Pear

Cactus Pears – also known as ‘Prickly Pears’ are, as the name suggests – bristly textured fruit which originates from Cacti. They may look a bit intimidating at first, but once you get past its spiny outsides, its mild and nutrient-rich flesh is a delight to taste. The flesh and skin range in colour according to variety and can come in green, white, purple, red, or even orange. Cactus pears are loaded with health-boosting nutrients like amino acids, fatty acids, and various antioxidants, providing digestive, cardiovascular, and metabolic support. It is commonly used to make syrup – all you have to do is strain the flesh from seeds after boiling the cactus pear, and then cook the strained flesh in a pot along with some sugar and a little bit of lemon juice. Simmer on low heat until it thickens and then leave to cool. The syrup goes perfectly as a topping for desserts such as pancakes and ice cream.
AED 14.00 / Pack

Dragon Fruit - Exotic Fruits Online

Dragon Fruit

A cousin of the Cactus Pear, the Dragon Fruit gets its unique name from its scaly exterior. Sourced from cacti, it sports a red or yellow cover and is also known as a ‘Pitaya.’ Its white flesh is slightly sweet and houses many tiny seeds. The fruit helps improve your immune system, digestion, and metabolism rate as it is packed with antioxidants and fibre. Dragon fruit is best eaten raw as its flesh can easily be scooped with a spoon. Alternatively, it can be added to fruit salads for a colourful combination of flavours.
Price: AED 13.00  / Pack

Rambutan - Exotic Fruits Online


Rambutan gets its name from the Malay word for ‘hair,’ and rightfully so. The outer part of the fruit is furry, but the white flesh inside is tender and creamy. Rambutans contain high amounts of potassium and Vitamin C, which contribute to organ health and a lower risk of cancer, respectively. It also has a lot of dietary fibre, thereby enabling your body to digest more complex foods. After washing the fruit and running a knife through its middle, Rambutans are typically eaten fresh. However, they can also be added to fruit salads, curries, and desserts like ice cream and sorbets.
Price: AED 20.00 / Pack

Quince - Exotic Fruits Online


Bearing a resemblance to pears with a bright golden-yellow appearance, Quinces have a strong musky fragrance. They are loaded with nutrients, fibre, and highly beneficial minerals. They even contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve digestive issues and protect against allergies. Due to their tough flesh and sour flavor, Quinces are best eaten cooked. You can even use cooked quince to top oatmeal, yogurt, or roasted meats.
Price: AED 9.00 / Pack

Fig - Exotic Fruits Online


Figs have been associated with health and prosperity since ancient times. They are tear-shaped and feature green skin that may ripen toward purple or brown. Raw figs contain roughly 80% water and 20% carbohydrates and are usually dried since the ripe fruit is difficult to store and transport well.

Figs are high in natural sugars, minerals, and soluble fiber. They are also rich in minerals, including potassium and calcium. They are a good source of antioxidant vitamins A, E, and K that contribute to a lower risk of heart disease improved digestion, and increased bone density.

Its soft red flesh is sweet and contains numerous crunchy seeds, which make it ideal for snacking. Figs can be eaten fresh or dried or processed into jam, rolls, biscuits, and other types of desserts. They are mostly eaten during the morning to allow the body to digest its nutrients for the day ahead.
AED 27.00 / Pack

Of course, more exotic fruits exist, and some even might still need to be discovered! As the largest importer of fresh fruits and vegetables in the UAE, NRTC Fresh provides an extensive array of fresh fruits and vegetables online with delivery across the UAE. you can find exotic fruits in nrtcfresh .

Utilizing our superior logistics and valued relationships to import the freshest fruits and vegetables from across the globe and develop local produce, you can trust us as the best online fruit delivery company in the UAE. We strive for a healthier world where fresh fruits and vegetable delivery is a hassle-free process.

Customers can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables online on www.nrtcfresh.com/ or through the NRTC Fresh mobile application.

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